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Traffic is only half the battle. The Strategic Marketing Team produces sales process-driven websites that increase conversions from highly qualified prospects and buyers.

In order to win the prize of financial success you must increase CONVERSIONS — whether those conversions are sales, orders, calls, requests, conversations,
online signups, subscriptions, forms completed, or inquiries.


Our proven approach maximizes conversions by:

Learn how your website CAN make money for you...

1. Orchestrating an efficient online sales process specifically geared at generating conversions. This follows the approach outlined in
Gil Effron’s book
How to Close More Business in Less Time.

2. Constructing the marketing language required to obtain highly qualified (rich) conversions and interactions.

3. Designing a website that leads to a continual stream of high-value qualified conversions, calls, sales leads, and purchases.

If you wince or flinch when your monthly SEO invoice arrives or scream each time you refresh your Adwords account, it’s a sure sign we need to have a serious conversation about conversions. There’s no cost and no obligation.


Now we’d like to bring that same happy ending to your online efforts. Call us today at 800-226-2428. Or use this form to send us a message or ask a question. We’ll respond in short order.


Now we’d like to bring that same happy ending to your online efforts. Call us today at 800-226-2428. Or, click the “ASK” icon below, ask your questions, and we’ll respond in short order.


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