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The Strategic Marketing Team is a group of highly talented and experienced marketing, sales, and design professionals dedicated to helping businesses like yours create, plan, and implement online strategies to successfully accelerate conversions.

Every engine from a lawn mower to a jet engine has one thing in common. No matter how small or how large and powerful those engines, they all require fuel.

The fuel may vary from regular gasoline to special blends of aviation fuel, but the purpose of that fuel is always the same: to make the engine run at peak performance.

All businesses from start-ups to well-established, multi-national corporations — share a common fuel, too. That fuel is sales.

In the same way the engine stops when the fuel dries up, a business — whether brick and mortar or online — stops when a necessary level of sales disappears.

There’s one more common bond all businesses share. It is always in the best interest of the business to close business more efficiently and, given a choice, to do so in less time rather than more time.

That’s the primary mission of Gil’s most recent book: To help you close more business and better business in less time by connecting the dots between marketing and the sales process.

Gil applies the processes he outlines in his book to help businesses that are reeling in a large volume of hits from their SEO and/or Adwords efforts to effectively increase their conversion rate.

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Unlike many web developers that jump in feet first to begin developing website designs and graphics, we always begin by thoroughly understanding your business and goals.

With that information in hand, we create a specific online sales process to bring about an intended response — whether that intended response is to make the sale, get the order, receive phone calls or requests, requests a conversations, signups for a subscriptions, or to complete a form.

At the appropriate time we bring the necessary talent from our roster of marketing and web professionals to the table, each of whom remains true to and consistent with the conversion strategy we develop.

Gil Effron, author, marketing specialist, CEO of ProfitAbility Institute, Inc.Meet marketing expert Gil Effron

Gil Effron is a business and marketing strategist and founder and CEO of Profitability Institute, Inc., a Tampa-based coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping business owners, CEOs, and leadership teams successfully tackle urgent challenges, improve organizational efficiency, and map winning strategies for future growth and profitability.

As an experienced marketer and with marketing his first love, he also heads The Strategic Marketing Team.  He created this initiative in order to provide high-level online marketing and sales strategies along with expert implementation — specifically geared to maximizing conversions for websites that were investing heavily in Search Engine Optimization or Google Adwords, but not deriving a significant return on investment.

Gil is the author of How to Close More Business in Less Time and How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover. He is an active blogger, and proficient marketing writer. Gil has written and published hundreds of articles on marketing, direct marketing, and the sales process.

"How to Close More Business in Less Time!" by Gil Effron.

BOOK: How to Close More Business in Less Time

“Gil Effron’s book provides a logical, digestible process any business owner or marketing director can follow to enhance their sales process, shorten their sales cycle, and build a stronger brand. It’s a must read!”

     — SUSAN WILSON SOLOVIC, The Small Business Expert

Free Report:  A birdseye view of an online merchant that understands how to get bankable conversions

When Gil Effron purchases products or services, he uses that opportunity to study the company’s online sales process and the lengths they go to generate conversions in the form of sales. Most people find Gil’s analysis of one of his favorite online businesses to be extremely interesting.

The complete story is in Gil’s book, How to Close More Business in Less Time.

However, if you’re not ready to order the book, we invite you to request and download a PDF of this SPECIAL REPORT. The report is FREE. Fill in your name and email address to download your free copy:


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