Common Concerns:

Sounds expensive...

Your financial decision is one of return on investment. The question is, do you continue throwing away money on your current website that isn’t converting? Or do you take action today to focus on the value of generating potentially sizeable ROI month after month?


Sounds time consuming...

Our process minimizes your time. You’ll be involved at the beginning as we work through marketing plan and develop your online sales process. After that, periodic scheduled conversations are all that’s needed.


But I like my website...

Websites shouldn’t be seen as a work of art, but rather a functional tool to turn traffic into sales, calls, inquiries, and so on. If your current website isn’t doing that, then there’s not much to like.


Not sure it’s right for our business...

The process works for any business in any industry that’s getting measurable traffic but minimal conversions — sales, calls, inquiries, and so on.


You don’t know our business...

After our discovery process not only will we know what makes your business tick, but you’ll also know more about what drives your business than ever before.


What if we’re not located in Tampa?

Thanks to technology, it doesn’t matter where you are. We work via Skype, email, phone, and mail. If you’re in Boston or Minneapolis and it’s snowing, c’mon down for a few days!


But we have our own web designers...

Our team members know the ins and outs of creative web design and our proprietary marketing, sales process, and design approach for maximizing conversions. Your web designers don’t. Taking the time to teach them would likely be counter productive to closing more business in less time.


We just spent $$$ in a new website...

The value of your new website should be based on how it increases your business, not what it looks like. If your new website is getting more conversions than ever, you’re good to go. If not, then allow us to provide a proposal that considers not only upfront investment, but also projects breakeven and long-term return on investment.



What can you expect when we begin working together? Our process is what separates us from the vast majority of marketing firms and web designers.

Our relationship begins with a series of meetings and interviews designed to help us construct a strategic direction to increase conversions. We’re listening, asking questions, and drawing conclusions. That sets the stage for creating and implementing websites initiatives that are long on ROI, thanks to increased conversions prospects who are qualified and ready to buy. Our process is such that it’s not uncommon for a client to say, “Thank you. I’ve never seen or thought about my business that way.” In addition, we are extremely proactive with communication. You always know what we’re doing and why.



Do you guarantee results?

Because outcomes are influenced by many factors beyond the direct and immediate control of The Strategic Marketing Team, we cannot and do not guarantee results. However, we absolutely guarantee the quality of our work and your satisfaction in the work we do.


Can you work with any type of business that’s generating online traffic?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you are business-to-business or business-to-consumer, if you’re in a technical field, or dealing in personal services, all businesses benefit from having The Strategic Marketing Team implement strategies to accelerate conversions that originate via your SEO and Adwords activities.


What size businesses do you work with?

Typically we work with businesses that are generating revenue of between $2 million to $25 million. Our success within this revenue range is substantial. From time to time we will consider working with smaller businesses provided they have the financial resources not only to pay our fees but also to invest in developing and launching marketing and online campaigns.


What do you charge?

Obviously, no two situations are alike. We will provide you with a proposal once we have an understanding of your current situation, goals, and needs. We also know that everything we do for you and on your behalf must provide a measurable return on investment in order to justify our fees and your investment. In other words, we make sure your investment in us pays for itself many times over.


Can we take the strategy you provide and implement a new website ourselves?

If you have the resources and personnel on staff to implement all or a part of the marketing strategy, you certainly can accept responsibility for implementation. In our experience, it saves considerable time when The Strategic Marketing Team does the heavy lifting in putting together all the pieces. With that said, we definitely would teach your personnel and staff to maintain the various initiatives we put in place.


Can we use our own IT department to build a website?

Each of our team members understands our process and the importance of remaining true to our plan from start to finish. Often, when others get involved, they have a tendency to give design and functionality a different spin. We prefer our team members to work the entire process from start to finish.


Do you use Wordpress® templates when building websites?

There are times when Wordpress provides a viable short-term solution for getting to market quickly. However, we prefer to build a custom, fully-tailored website from scratch. That provides us with maximum flexibility in making pages look exactly the way they will support conversions from qualified prospects.

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