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Businesses and websites with a clear vision and bold goals stand a greater likelihood for success, especially when they begin with strategy. The Strategic Marketing Team utilizes a number of tools and approaches for analyzing where a client’s business is today — its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Through a series of meeting and interviews we’re able to determine and build a strategic online approach for your business that accelerates conversions and maximizes return on investment.

A proven process for transforming traffic into sales

The Process...

It’s human nature to seek simple answers and solutions to even the most complex issues and problems.

This same phenomenon of looking for simple answers is true for business, too, especially as it pertains to monetizing website traffic by converting qualified prospects.

  For your online marketing activities to become more effective and financially rewarding, it is imperative to invest in developing a strategic plan to increase conversions as well as implementing campaigns, initiatives, and programs that directly support the strategic plan.

  To that end, The Strategic Marketing Team guides the entire process from strategic marketing planning and sales process analysis and reconstruction to sales training and coaching and social media.

  Our focus is always on outcomes, results, and assuring that what we do for you provides significant return on investment.

Here’s a brief overview of the various tools, modules, and approaches we use in order to help your company grow profitably as the result of increased conversions.

Sales process analysis and reconstruction

While web designers spend a tremendous amount of time on design, they rarely take the time to develop a strategic sales plan and process that helps increase conversions which, in turn, help to close more business in less time. The Strategic Marketing Team helps clients level the playing field by perfecting their online sales process and shortening their sales cycles. Once we connect the dots between online marketing and the sales process, you’ll find your marketing and online sales activities supporting each other. That increases conversions and helps you close more business in less time.

Marketing copywriting

There’s a real art and science to writing marketing copy. Our team of professional marketing writers not only know how to attract attention but also how to move prospects step by step through the sales process in the same way you would if you were sitting in front of them. Every word supports and remains true to the strategic marketing plan and sales message. Every objection is handled in advance in order to keep the sales process moving closer to yes.

Website development

The Strategic Marketing Team boasts one of the most creative website teams in the country. The team is dedicated to producing powerful, effective and beautiful custom websites that are clean, easy to navigate and highly informative. We invite you to click here to see a few samples of how our websites not only look good but also play a vital role in helping to close more business in less time.

Coordination with your SEO or Adwords team

Once we have the strategic plan in place (and often concurrently with developing the online strategic sales process) we’ll bring your SEO and Adwords team onboard. They’re driving the traffic. We’re focusing on conversions. The more effective our communication with them, the greater will be our success in driving conversions.

Project management

Strategy takes you only so far. Once The Strategic Marketing Team has the approved strategic marketing and sales plan in hand, our project management team goes to work to develop and implement the marketing campaigns, materials, and activities we deem most important and most likely to increase conversions that, in turn, contribute to a strong return on investment.  With The Strategic Marketing Team at your side, implementation is orderly, with every element coming on line at the appropriate time.


From logos to brochures, booklets, catalogs, and product info sheets our designers follow and support the strategic marketing plan in everything they do. They stay true to the mission and aggressively support it in every facet of their design. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. To that end, we invite you to click here in order to see a few samples of our work.


Many people believe branding and logos are synonymous. Logos are a part of branding. On a broader scale, branding is about supporting the marketing strategy and building the image of a business or organization. Our corporate branding professionals have designed logos and corporate images for a wide range of businesses and organizations, both nationally and internationally. They are expert at creating and improving corporate images that help businesses stand out from their competitors.

Creating exceptional customer experiences

In his recent book, How to Close More Business in Less Time, Gil Effron, founder of The Strategic Marketing Team speaks about the importance of creating exceptional customer experiences that retain customers as active buyers for years to come. You can benefit from Gil’s personal guidance in helping you and your entire organization develop and implement exceptional across-the-board customer experiences.

The importance of social media

To many business owners, social media remains a mystery. They avoid it like the plague. Unfortunately, businesses that don’t invest in it (as many larger corporations do) find their success with social media to be hit and miss, mostly miss. Rather than trying to all things to all people, The Strategic Marketing Team selects those social media channels that best address and speak to your target audience and that support the strategic marketing and sales plan. Once a social media plan is in place, our team is able to remove the burden from you and your staff to implement social media initiatives on your behalf.

No two situations are alike. That's why we invite and encourage you to contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation conversation.

We’ll learn about you and your challenges. You’ll learn how our approach does, indeed, help convert your online traffic to the next step.

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