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These days, most websites look pretty darn good.
They provide a lot of information about the company, its products, and services. They talk about the history of the company and proudly display the company’s mission statement. Their navigation moves logically from “home” to “contact us” and everything is well organized.

The problem:  While websites can score high on looks and ease of functionality — nine times out of ten are missing the single most critical ingredient. That missing ingredient is an online marketing and sales process strategy that creates a sense of urgency and increases conversions, conversations, and sales.

Take the test:  Simply rate the following questions on a rating scale of 1 to 7 where 1 is "very poor/low" and 7 is "excellent/high." Because of the depth of our analysis, we may take up to three business days to respond to you with our assessment.

By providing your email address below, we’ll send you an INDEX SCORE that shows your website’s effectiveness rating as well as where your website ranks compared to businesses whose websites rank highest in terms of quality conversions, conversations, and sales. The bonus questions provide us with additional input.

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PLEASE NOTE: Because of the intensity of our analysis, we may take up to three business days to respond with our assessment. Can’t wait that long? Call 800-226-2428.

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